Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique (Article)
The Alexander Technique is a practical, well-established, and proven self-help method for relief from chronic pain. It is a tool for renewing freedom of movement, by helping release strain and muscle tension which has built up over time. It is an especially useful tool for singers and actors, and was, in fact, developed over 100 years ago by an actor who was consistently losing his voice. (posted 9:28 PM, March 15, 2015)

Legs to Sing On: A Practical Guide for Singers and Voice Teachers (Article)
The author addresses, from a practical stand-point, some of the challenges that singers face with regard to establishing the feet and legs as a flexible base of support for singing. She focuses on only a part of the anatomical structure that is used for the singing experience. (posted 2:34 PM, August 27, 2014)