Phonation into a Straw as a Voice Building Exercise (Article)
The value of phonating into a small-diameter straw is explained, a healthy action for the tissues while the abdominal muscles get a good workout. (posted 2:34 PM, August 27, 2014)

How to Use the Flow-Resistant Straws (Article)
The author provides a brief discussion of the practical application of flow resistant straws. (posted 2:34 PM, August 27, 2014)

Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract Postures and Their Application in the Singing Voice Studio (Article)
Many singing teachers, voice therapists, and acting voice teachers employ semi-occluded vocal tract postures in their teaching. Some of these flow-resistant postures are an integral part of what some authorities have referred to as resonant voice training. The practice is discussed at length. (posted 2:34 PM, August 27, 2014)

One More Small Step in Solving the Mystery of the Benefits of Semioccluded Vocal Tract Exercises (Article)
In addition to aerodynamic considerations, Titze observes, a vocal tract air column that vibrates (up and down) above the vocal folds can create a reactive push and pull on the tissue surfaces so that vocal fold vibration is reinforced a vocal tract that is narrow (semioccluded) in some region along its length (e.g., at the lips or the epiglottis) helps to produce this favorable push-pull. (posted 2:34 PM, August 27, 2014)