Who can join NATS Chat discussions?

While chat discussions focus on topics of interest to NATS members, the general public is invited to participate. The atmosphere is friendly and casual, however the hosts will moderate to keep the discussion on topic.

Please observe standard "netiquette" and professional courtesy (no "flaming," profanity, or inappropriate personal comments about students or colleagues). The chat room has a feature that allows you to send private message to other chatters. Chatters may choose to block private messages in order to concentrate on the public chat topic. Please report inappropriate behavior to NATS Chat host, Dr. Kari Ragan .

To have an e-mail reminder sent to your inbox on the day of the chat, simply visit the NATS Chat Room and sign up.

How do I enter the chatroom?

Participants may enter the chat room by clicking on NATS Chat Room. Upon entering you will need to enter a screenname (no password is necessary unless you are a moderator).

NATS Members can check the NATS Chat message board in the members area of the website for guest bios, recommended reading, and other topical information.

NATS members and visitors may sign-up to be included on the NATS Chat Mailing list . You will receive email notifications with news about upcoming chat topics and special guests. !

More FAQs

Q: Should I sign in using my social media accounts?

When you sign in with your Facebook account or Twitter, it will automatically show your profile photo and name and enhance the overall experience for you. NOTHING will be posted to your social media accounts by CoverItLive or NATS!

Q: If I arrive late can I scroll back to and read the beginning of the discussion?

A: Yes. A complete transcript is available during the event and afterward via the CoverItLive platform. 

Q: If I leave the chatroom, will I be able to see what I missed when I return?
A: Yes. You can come and go as often as you like and not miss any of the discussion!

Q: Can I save a text log of the chat?
A: A complete text of the chat will remain archived on and can be accessed or printed at any time.

Q: If I miss a chat, can I read a transcript:?
A: Yes. A complete archive is always available via Nothing can replace being part of the live discussion, however, so make every effort to join us!

Q: Doesn't it get confusing with several people "talking" at once?
A: Each chat is moderate by Kari Ragan, so questions are introduced at a steady pace throughout the event in order to allow the focus to remain on the guest and topic. All questions are posted in a timely fashion, however, and the conversation moves quickly!

Q: How many people attend the chats?
A: It varies according to topic and season, but attendance has ranged from 50-65 chatters. The new NATS Chat room functions more smoothly than previous versions and can accomodate many more chatters without screen freezes and technical problems.

Q: Can I suggest topics for future chats?
A: Absolutely! Send your ideas for topics and guests to NATS Chat host, Dr. Kari Ragan at

Q: Can I send private messages to a chatter that won't be visible on the main chat page?
A: Yes. This is a good way to meet and greet colleagues without getting the main discussion off topic. Chatters may also choose to block private messages.

Q: I'm busy (or sleeping) on Monday nights. Do you ever have chats at different times or days?
A: Sometimes. We have tried other days/times. Monday nights are the best times to catch people at home on their computers. It's late for East Coast chatters, but we can't really start much earlier for the West coast chatters.

Q: Are all of the chatters from the United States?
A: No! We have several regular chatters from Canada and we are occasionally visited by chatters from Europe and South America who join us in the wee hours of the morning in their time zones.

Q: Do you just talk about classical voice?
A: Not at all! Guests have included jazz singers, Broadway singers, etc.

Q: Are the chats mainly for college voice faculty?
A: No. Some chats may focus on academic topics, but most of the regular chatters are private studio teachers who don't have the opportunity to network with colleagues in an institution.

Q: Do I have to use my real name in the chat?
A: No. When the option to provide a "name" upon entering the chat, you may use any moniker you prefer. All visitors are encouraged to announce their presence with a greeting to the moderator, who will take questions online and introduce them at an appropriate time during the chat.

Q: Can I use the chats with any computer?
A: Chats are PC and Mac compatible, but you will have best results and fastest streaming with a high-speed or DSL connection.

If you have more questions, please email NATS Chat host, Dr. Kari Ragan .