Full Membership

Full Members have full voting rights and may hold office at any level. Years of Full Membership accrue toward Emeritus status. Full Members may sponsor themselves or their students in NATSAA Competitions.


  1. 25+ years of age;
  2. person of known personal integrity;
  3. accept and abide by the Code of Ethics as stated on this form;
  4. teach an average of six or more voice students each week (each section of class voice equals one student); and
  5. meet one of the following : (Degrees must be appropriate to the teaching of singing.)
    1. Bachelor's degree + three years voice teaching/coaching after receipt of degree.
    2. Master's degree or doctorate + two years voice teaching/coaching after receipt of degree.(experience as a graduate teaching assistant in voice may fulfill the teaching /coaching requirement)
    3. Professional singers or accompanists who teach but do not have degrees (Bachelors, Master, or Doctorate) as described in a & b: four years experience as a professional singer or coach + teaching voice/coaching for two years after the four years of experience. If you are applying under this option, please attach a resume.
    4. Others without degrees as described in a & b: four years of private voice study + five years of voice teaching/coaching following the four years of private instruction.


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