2015 NATS Intern Program

DATE: June 9-18, 2015
LOCATION: University of Nevada-Las Vegas
DEADLINE: December 15, 2014
Director of the NATS Intern Program: Kathryn Proctor Duax
Local Coordinator: Tod Fitzpatrick 


Donald Simonson, Iowa State University - Ames, Iowa
Marilyn Mims, Palm Beach Atlantic University - West Palm Beach, Florida
Craig Tompkins, Royal Oak Conservatory of Music, Capilano University - Vancouver, British Columbia
Mary Ann Hart, Indiana University - Bloomington, Indiana

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The NATS Intern Program is an exciting and innovative venture that seeks to pair experienced and recognized master teachers of voice with talented young members of NATS. Within a format designed to promote the dynamic exchange of ideas and techniques, the goal is to improve substantially the studio teaching skills of these promising young teachers.

Each intern will teach four lessons to two students (preferably one male and one female) and perform in a master class under the supervision of a master teacher. In addition, the master teachers, a vocal literature liaison, and special guests will present special lectures and demonstrations.

The master teachers will include collegiate and independent studio teachers who specialize in 'classical' singing, in 'non-classical' styles, and who have experience in the needs of the private studio. Interns will be assigned to work with the master teacher in the area of the Interns' area of specialization. Independent studio teachers are strongly urged to apply.

Interns chosen will be responsible for their travel expenses, though they may request financial assistance from their NATS chapters or regions as well as from their institutions of employment. NATS, Inc. and the NATS Foundation provide tuition, housing, and meals.


Really I thought it was a great, well-rounded program. I would not trade this experience for anything – it was life-changing!
- Anna Hersey, 2013 NATS Intern

It was tremendously beneficial to have my teaching observed daily, and to receive constructive criticism from my master teacher and colleagues. My master teacher encouraged our group to write reflections and lesson plans with attention to specific goals for future lessons. This helped me approach my teaching in a more mindful way. As a result, I become more effective and efficient in my teaching. My master teacher helped guide me to find real solutions with my respective students that were successful and yielded positive outcomes. I feel as if I just experienced a teaching “growth spurt”
- Bronwen Forbay, 2013 NATS Intern

The warm and supportive atmosphere gave us permission as interns to try new things and take risks in the lessons we were each teaching.  I was truly blown away by the master teachers, and also learned so much from my colleagues.
- Meredith Ziegler, 2012 NATS Intern

Hosting a Summer Intern Program
If your school or facility would be interested in coordinating/hosting a future NATS Summer Intern Program, please contact the  for details and facility requirements.

Supporting the Summer Intern Program
If you are interested in contributing to the support of the Summer Intern program, donations may be made to the James McKinney Memorial Fund through the NATS Foundation.

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