National Music Theater Competition - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the eligibility and repertoire requirements for the National Music Theater Competition? The National Music Theater Competition is open to all music theater soloists age 20-28 as of March 1, 2014. For additional information, view the About page.

  • How do I apply for the National Music Theater Competition? First, make sure that you can enter by viewing the Eligibility and Repertoire Requirements. Make sure that you have all of the following information about the three songs in your repertoire: Song Title, Song Character, Song Show, Song Composer/Lyricist, Song Key, and Song Length. Applications are being processed online beginning in fall 2013. If you are planning to submit for the online round you must complete your application by March 1, 2014, but have until May 15th to upload your audition videos.

  • Why is the National Music Theater Competition not open to high school students and those over 30? This year’s National Music Theater Competition is seeking out the best emerging music theater soloists, those who just need that one break to move their careers forward. Depending on response and interest this year, we may open up the next one to various age groups, divisions, or categories.

  • Is the National Music Theater Competition open to everyone worldwide? Yes, anyone in the world may apply. However, there are no travel stipends available for travel to the semifinal round in Boston, Mass., in July 2014.

  • Are any travel arrangements covered for competitors? No travel costs are provided or reimbursed for competitors who need to travel to live auditions at any location.

  • I have completed my application for the live audition. When will I be notified of the exact date, time, and location of my audition? After March 1, you will be sent a specific audition date and time, along with information about the audition location.

  • Will microphones for amplification be permitted at any level in the National Music Theater Competition?  There will be no amplification available at live preliminary round auditions. The determination of whether there will be amplification offered to participants for the final round will basically be determined by the size and acoustic quality of the room in which they occur. We recommend that you prepare selections as if there will be no amplification.

  • Will this competition’s adjudication be influenced by the style of singing’s matching or not matching that of each song’s original conception? Although we are not seeking to influence adjudication in one way or the other that you mention, in order to avoid highly segmented repertoire categories, we have put the responsibility on the performers to represent the breadth of their ability within their selections. In slang terms, they have to “Bring it!”

  • How do I provide the adjudicators with my repertoire if I am selected for the semifinal rounds in Boston? The program for the finals will be approximately twenty minutes of music from the list of songs you prepared for the semifinal. If you are selected for the semifinal round, your additional repertoire will be requested by email well in advance of your audition in Boston.

Video Submission Guidelines