Chapter Application

Establishing a New SNATS Chapter is a simple process:

If you are a student who would like to start a chapter, you'll need five students to begin a chapter, plus at least one member of NATS to act as your Chapter Advisor. Just contact our SNATS Coordinator to get the details on how easy it is to apply to be an official SNATS Chapter!

If you have difficulty finding an advisor, don't worry, the SNATS Coordinator can help you find other NATS members in your area who may be willing to help.

NATS Members, you too can start a SNATS chapter. You'll need five students to begin. Any Associate or Full member of NATS in good standing may act as an advisor for a SNATS Chapter. Co-advisors are also welcome. Our SNATS Coordinator has all the info to get you started!


Mitra Sadeghpour