Student NATS Chapters (SNATS)

snats_logo_final.jpgThe National Association of Teachers of Singing has fostered the formation of student chapters in order to advance knowledge about the Association and the professions of teaching and singing. A Student NATS (SNATS) Chapter is an organization of students who can meet, hold events and discussions, participate, practice, and learn more about voice teaching as a profession.

In order to form a SNATS Chapter, a Full or Associate NATS member in good standing may petition the SNATS Coordinator on behalf of a group of students to grant a SNATS Chapter charter. The Vice-President for Discretionary Funds & Field Activities will serve as the SNATS Coordinator. SNATS Chapter members may be invited to local NATS meetings, and are always welcome to attend NATS workshops, conferences, and other events at a special student registration rate. Order the Journal of Singing today through your SNATS advisor for a discounted student rate!

"A tremendous gap exists between the student years and the professional teaching years. SNATS Chapters mentor young singers into the profession at a grass roots level, and provide opportunities for supplementary information and education within NATS."
Dr. Kathryn Proctor Duax, Current President of NATS

Click here for more information or contact the SNATS Coordinator Mitra Sageghpour at .

SNATS Newsletter - Spring 2014